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Let Us Introduce Ourselves ........

Sharon van Rensburg


I am blessed to be able to combine my passion for horses with that of working with people ~ especially children & teens.   In the past ten years I have been fortunate enough to become more oriented to working with people, of all ages, in the EAL and EAP fields.   I have been working with Jeanie for the past four years and this work never ceases to be nothing short of inspiring, with each and every session bearing testament to the value that is added to people's lives through the combined input of the psychologist, horse specialist and the horse/s.  We certainly make for an empowering team of facilitators.   I am a firm believer in working at 'grass roots level' and teaching Horse Skills to children and teens from the ages of 6 to 16 yrs. either in groups or individually, entrenches my belief that horses have attributes in their make up that are fundamentally pivotal in assisting humans to build both their EQ and IQ levels.  Being able to combine my love of horses with this "work" is nothing short of fulfilling.

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