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Our Holiday Programmes........


The holiday programmes on offer at present are run in conjunction with Flightlings Childrens Empowerment Programmes.   These offer a varied and fun filled day to children of similar ages.  


Children get to cook and bake, learn to knit & sew (even the boys love this one), creative play, construction based themes, horse skills sessions, swimming on hot days - these are but a few of the many and varied activities that are offered during the holidays.  





During the horse skills section of a group holiday programme  ..... figuring out how to put a halter on leads to team work and problem solving with the end result being able to confidently lead the pony around an obstacle course...... with the halter being a metaphor for effective communication.  The horse skills sessions are very hands on, no riding of the horses is involved.  All work is ground based.


Grooming is an important part of horses social lives, they mutually groom one another - thus building bonds and relationships.  Participants get to know their horsey partner by giving them a brush.  


Grooming gives way to having loads of fun with a long mane.....  Horse skills sessions follow a format of sorts, but flexibility is all important.  We often find participants love the quiet interaction of just 'being' with the horses/ponies.



Connection !!! .... the horse initiated this interaction from outside the arena and stayed like this for a good 5 minutes... enjoying his new friend.  This teen was initially very wary but as one can see enjoyed this 'meeting'.. Sessions are filled with spontaneous interactions that are incredibly empowering.

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