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Why Horses ?


Horses have very strong social ties and structures and are very attuned to their environment.   Indigo Horse Centre’s equines live as a herd, which is beneficial to the work that is done here as the horses interact with one another as they would naturally.   Horses are prey animals (prefer flight over fight) and have a large limbic system (the part of the brain responsible for emotion and intuition).  This contributes to their awareness of danger and plays a large part in their heightened sensitivity to human emotion and body language.  Horses can sense our heart rates, galvanic changes on our skin and are also able to smell chemical changes - all elicited by our emotional state. 


Horses are able to provide immediate and clear feedback through their body language and thus are able to teach us how we impact on those around us.  It is these attributes that make them an exceptionally valuable co-facilitator of change in the areas of communication and relationships.  Their size alone encourages self confidence, leadership and congruency.  





Working with Horses enhances...


  • Emotional Wellbeing

  • Increased Self Confidence and Self Belief
  • Appropriate assertiveness
  • Relationship Building skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Focus & Concentration
  • Problem Solving  
  • Patience, adaptability and acceptance


 Life Skills ........
As humans, we are often not as effective as we would like to be and simply watching horses in a herd such as ours gives an insight as to what effective (and sometimes ineffective) communication looks like.  As we communicate with body language at a much higher level than we are aware, working with horses affords participants the opportunity to fine tune the way that they communicate with the horse/s so as to get the result that they are looking for.  Children / Teens gain valuable skills through working together which can be carried out into their world.   Horse skills coupled with the Childrens' Empowerment Programmes offered by Flightlings make for a fun filled holiday camp in which loads of learning occurs in an environment that encourages through experience.
Physical Wellbeing........


  • Proprioception – (the sense of the relative position of neighbouring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement – WIKIPEDIA) – awareness of our body and where / how it moves in relation to what we are doing and where we are physically 

  • Development of Core Muscles – assists with Low Muscle Tone

  • Co-ordination

  • Balance

  • Healthy Outdoor Activity

Where there's a will there is most definitely a way...


Stretching ourselves out of our norm can reap benefits on all levels !!!!!!


Let the horses show the way to empowerment through skilled communication enhancement.


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